To Pompei

After a slow morning, I cleaned the apartment, and others went shopping again for 14 € and breakfast then followed.

To Pompei 1

At the train station, we tried to buy tickets to Sorrento but there was a problem on the line. We changed plans and went to Pompei by bus for 20 € return ticket. The entrance there was 16 €. An impressive sight, Blaž was a good guide. One drink before returning to the city, 7 €.

To Pompei 2

After returning back to the city, again short walk around, the crowd in front of the cathedral.

To Pompei 3

It was time for lunch, we had nice pasta with seafood, with drinks and sweets it was 25€.

To Pompei 4

In the evening Andrej brought some pizza to the apartment, again we lost a game in volleyball. I was tired and went to bed, few went to town.

To Pompei 5

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