Baku to Budapest to Ljubljana

Last day I was in no hurry, after 10 am from bed, and bathroom, and the owner made me breakfast. The time to move to the airport, I got to the bus on May 28, 1.3 AZM.

On arrival walked to Terminal 2, a problem with the tickets, the same name of the guy at the counter, security, passport control, spending manat in duty duty-free shop, and boarding.

Baku to Budapest to Ljubljana 1

On the plane, little space, changed seats for a couple to be together and spoke a little. Now to the car, the hand break didn’t release at first. Finally long ride home, 2 stops at a gas station for 50 €, not catch calĺ with Andreja. The car started to act strangely, one of the front bearings, and also some noise on turns.

Baku to Budapest to Ljubljana 2

A quick stop in Trojane for donuts for family, 34 €.

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