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Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku

Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku

s capital of Azerbaijan and is home to 2 MIO people. Mainn attractions would be Shirvanshah’s Palace; Old city of Baku; Maiden Tower; Heydar Aliyev Center; Azerbaijan Carpet Museum; Flame towers; Ateshgah Fire Temple; Heydar Mosque

Belarus coat of arms

To Minsk over Baku summary

Belarus was the last country in Europe I didn’t visit yet. I had plans in the last few years but with the Ukaine-Russia war that was suddenly complicated. From Europe getting there would mean...

twingo renault 2001

Baku to Budapest to Ljubljana

Last day I was in no hurry, after 10 am from bed, and bathroom, and the owner made me breakfast. The time to move to the airport, I got to the bus on May...

Baku to Shahdag 1

Baku to Shahdag

The flight on a small plane, average food, the kid behind me screamingly crying, tried to sleep. At the airport took a taxi 20 $ to catch the tour I booked 70 € (booking...

Baku to Minsk 2

Baku to Minsk

Slow morning, late wake up, breakfast, bathroom, packing. Shop on way to city 5 azm. First I searched for cable, 14 azn. Again to the old town and uphill to cemetery, Russian, Azer, war...

Baku - museum day 3

Baku – museum day

Woke up late, and after breakfast some more relaxing because I hadn’t slept for 2 days. As it was windy I went out late. First to the shop, 1 azn. Walked to an old...

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku 4

Zagreb to Budapest to Baku

After the concert I dropped my cousin at home and around 00:30 I headed towards Budapest airport. First to another part of Zagreb that was not empty. On my way toward Varaždin, I got...