Baku to Shahdag

The flight on a small plane, average food, the kid behind me screamingly crying, tried to sleep.

Baku to Shahdag 1

At the airport took a taxi 20 $ to catch the tour I booked 70 € (booking problem). At square 28 May went to KFC 12 AZM. We needed 30 minutes to find each other.

Baku to Shahdag 2

After a 45-minute delay, we were on our way. Others in the group were from India or Saudi. We went to Shahdag ski resort above 3000 m. On the way there we checked candy mountains and drove through Quba. Ate a kebab by the road, Saudi bought it, 3 AZM

Baku to Shahdag 3

We had a few hours for ourselves there I went for the coaster, 25 AZM. You lose more than an hour waiting to slide down in a few minutes but it was first for me.

Baku to Shahdag 4

I had a beer at 6 AZM while enjoying the landscape. Soon we went back, stopped for tea, and nice talk with the group. After 10 pm I was in the hostel, only guest, kind owner, 18 AZM

After the shower went out for 2 hours, uber-bolt 10 AZM. Before sleep chat with ćevapi group

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