I woke up at 7 a.m., showered, finished packing, and checked out. A few minutes walk to the station, tuna sandwich x2 and water, 19 PLN. Next was 9h ride with Flixbus to Lvov. We stopped in Lublin for 15 minutes, the border took 2 hours, and still we came. more than an hour earlier. It rained but on arrival to the city, it stopped.

Lvov 1

I got out at the train station because again I tried Blablacar which later failed. So next I tried to buy a train ticket to Poland at the station. It was not possible, only online. Soon I heard a siren – an alarm. Gregor called but I didn’t answer. After nobody reacted I relaxed.

I took motel Sakvoyazh close to the station because there was a train at 4 AM and I would be close. Went to ATM 5000 UAH – 125 €. In a shop, I bought water, biscuits, and cigarettes 300 UAH.

Lvov 2

Walked 200 meters to the motel, 2250 UAH, not worth it but for early. morning start it seemed logical. Try to buy a train ticket, now that I have internet, non available for the next few days. Settled to another Flixbus, 64 € to Krakow. Now I talked to Gregor that was visiting Antonio.

Lvov 3

After some chilling, I moved to the city center. There were some nice buildings – preferred Secession style, churches. They were not well maintained. Found Lviv Craft Beer University of St. Christopher, tried a few IPAs and Stouts and ate some chicken wings and fries, 700 UAH with tip. Some more walking around the center stopped at Lazy Dog bar, beer, and shot 250 UAH. Talked to a local Aleksei, he was on a teambuilding trip? Bars close at 23h, until midnight I had time before. curfew. I had to walk fast and I got back to the room just before the siren.

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