I didn’t sleep too well, the room was by the main road and noisy, the bed was far from soft, and roommates were coming the whole night back to the room. I woke at 5:30, after a cold shower ate a few bananas for breakfast, and finished packing. It was a short walk to the bus station and from there ride to the airport. We arrived around 7 a.m. After a long queue at security, we didn’t wait long to board. Ate the rest of the bananas

Warsaw 1

Ryanair flight to Warsaw lasted 3 hours, and I paid 50 €. I got extra legroom after a late check-in on a full flight. The flight was typical, we landed 5 min before schedule but waited to disembark 90 minutes because of a bomb threat. someone left a bag in the Terminal that was evacuated. Border control asked me about money. A quick visit to ATM 500 PLN – 115 € and to the bus at 2 PM, 30 PLN. 1.5 hours later we were in Warsaw, It was very hot, 35 Celsius. I found a laundromat close by and I was good for another 1.5h, 60 PLN for washing and drying.

Warsaw 2

On my way from the station to the old town, I passed the Palace of Culture and Science. Next was Banjaluka restaurant, I got some ćevapi but different than usual, and Skopsko pivo, 60 PLN. Now it was time for the city center, many churches, and the old town rebuilt, got some water 4 PLN and ice cream 14 PLN.

Warsaw 3

Waited for Mateusz at New Town Market, the guy I met in Cyprus. We had a nice talk about travels, what is going on with his family, … by the beer 30 PLN. He took me on a scooter to tram station 4.4 PLN.

Warsaw 4

I took the tram to Kijevska East Station, bought water 6 PLN and Mc 13 PLN, and a toilet 4 PLN. I waited for Blablacar, but Taras didn’t show up.

Warsaw 5

I moved to the west station by taxi 60 PLN, Volodia another Blablacar didn’t come. I gave up on Blablacar, bought a Flixbus ticket for 35 € for the next day, and went to Ibis hotel, 60 EUR, got a shower, and went to bed.

Warsaw 6

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