I woke up at 6 a.m., had a shower, drank a cup of tea, and finished packing. It was time for the last drive on this trip, without help from Google. I arrived to rent a car and had to refill gas, 32€. With the shuttle, I moved to the airport and took a bus to the city, paid 14 € for a return ticket.

Dublin 1

On arrival, I wandered around the city center. I picked a place to stay for that night. It was Konley house – hostel for 35 € with a discount. After check-in, I went out for a walk, passed Viking church, and had a few biscuits at St Patric Cathedral. Went to Lidl, and for 7 € I bought some food and went to brunch in St Stephen’s Green where I rested a bit.

Dublin 2

From there I moved to the National Museum of Ireland – Archeology with free entrance. There were some interesting artifacts from Ireland’s history (Vikings, boats, bodies, …). Next was the National Gallery of Ireland (Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso, Vermeer, …), for free. Then I stopped at Trinity College, one of the oldest colleges in the world. I was to late to visit an interesting library.

Dublin 3

I moved across the Liffey River, passed the spire, and entered the shopping area. I found a place with ćevapi. I ordered a portion with 10 pieces, onion, kajmak, and Coca-Cola, and paid 21 €. I enjoyed in conversation with the owner’s sister. Before heading back to the hostel I stopped at Slattery’s bar for a Hop House 13 beer, 7 €.

Dublin 4

Back at the hostel, I rested a bit. In the evening after a shower, I took a walk, stopped at Lundy Foot’s, tried there two whiskies (Green Spot and Dead Rabbit, 17 €) and smoked a cigarette before bed.

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