Minsk to Brest

A call from reception woke me. I quickly packed and moved to the train station by taxi, 9 BLR. The train ticket to Brest was 25 BLR for a bunk bed. Waited with a hangover for the train, shop 6 BLR.

Minsk to Brest 1

I was alone in a compartment, comfy bed, listening to some music. Outside weather would change from sun to rain and snow. The countryside is flat with birch trees and lots of water. After 4.5 hours we arrived at Brest.

Minsk to Brest 2

Outside was cold and gray, so after shopping for 6 BLR and a short walk I took the train back 18 BLR. This time train wasn’t that comfy. In Minsk wished to try the Ferris wheel but it was closed. Walk through the old town and stop for chili kebab and coke, 12 BLR.

Minsk to Brest 3

Back to the room, relaxing, TV, and planning the rest of the trip.

Minsk to Brest 4

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