Minsk arrival

On arrival detail passport control, put me on the side with 10 other passengers, in the office extra questions, showing papers, and left me after 15 minutes. Now atm, cigarettes 5 BLR, waiting for the bus. Finally on a bus, 6 BLR, an hour ride at night.

Minsk arrival 1

Arrived at the main train station, cold, early. Sandwich and juice, 9 BLR, In the waiting room can’t sleep in chairs. Found a corner and tried the floor, the police woke me after 1 hour, found 3 empty chairs, stretched for extra hours again woken.

Minsk arrival 2

Had to spend some more time before sunrise at 9:30. I filled my phone, and got a sim 25 BLR. I had breakfast at Burger King, 20 BLR. Before leaving went to the toilet, 1 BLR to take winter underwear. Outside wind with few snowflakes.

Minsk arrival 3

Now it was time for a city tour. Saw some soviet time buildings, a park with a Ferris wheel, and churches.

Minsk arrival 4

Finally to Buta boutique hotel 5 star, 116 € 2 nights, early check-in. Nice room, I relexed with beer from mini bar and local TV. Now had some sleep in bed.

Minsk arrival 5

In the evening some rain, went for dinner at Lido, self-service in a nice environment 20 BLR. Now it was time for a walk in a small old town and a pub crawl, beer around 2.5 €, finished in a karaoke bar, gin tonic 8 €.

Minsk arrival 6

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