Slow morning … tea and biscuits for breakfast. For half an hour to the spa, pool, and sauna before check out, paid 12 BLR mini bar, beer, and coke.

Minsk 1

I visited the cat museum,15 BLR, more for kids. Then I walked for almost 2 hours (old town, student area, business area, apartment area) to the national library, big. Entrance 2 BLR, souveniers 6 BLR. 3 floors are open to the public, with some paintings, traditional clothes, and soviet prints on display.

Minsk 2

Bought some water for 1.3 BLR and moved to Metro for 0.9 BLR. Took a ride to the opposite side last station on the Blue Line, and passed a few nice central stations.

Minsk 3

I walked in the Minsk version of Fužine, not that bad. Tried the barber, but he is full till tomorrow.

Minsk 4

Back to the center by metro, a short walk to Vasilski restaurant. Traditional, touristic, first nice meal, cold pink soup, beef carpaccio, beef with mushrooms and potatoes, 0.5l red wine, water, 83 BLR.

Minsk 5

Found a barber that took me in 10 minutes, he was from Tajikistan, a Ph.D. candidate in microbiology, 10 BLR. In the kiosk bought some pastry with poppy seeds, 2.6 blr.

Minsk 6

Now I moved to the main train station and searched for the bus stop. Close by is a mall, went in to spend time. Went there for a beer, 6 BLR. After toilet to marshrutka 144 for 6 BLR.

Minsk 7

Early at the airport, waiting, check-in, some more waiting, delayed, finally boarding

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