Norther Ireland

Woke up before 6 a.m. and went on 20 minutes later. Now it was time for 5h ride on narrow roads toward Londonderry. I noticed the border was crossed just by different road signs. I had a few stops on my way, Sacred heart church in Rosecommonmain, Ballinamore gas station 32 €. Also found a small stone circle, Drumskinny Stone Circle, free entrance, Killen.

Norther Ireland 1

Arrived in Londonderry, parked at the train station 6 GBP (7 €). Walked across the bridge into an old walled town. After a nice walk stopped for a pint at Tracy’s 4,3 GBP (5 €), interesting customers

Norther Ireland 2

Searched for food, but only a Turkish restaurant in Istanbul was open, ordered an Adana kebab, a big portion 12 GBP (13.9 €). Returned across the Liberty pedestrian bridge back to the car.

Norther Ireland 3

Some more driving to Giant’s Causeway without GPS, the problem with parking, crowded, parked on another side, 10 GBP (11.6 €). Walked down, and the crowd was worse than at the cliffs. After some pics I moved back, upstairs, strenuous.

Norther Ireland 4

It was time for some more driving to Belfast, with no navigation, a parking garage 6 GBP (7 €). I walked around the center and then moved to Peace Line, felt like Palestine. On return to the center went to Mc Donald’s, 8 GBP (9.3 €).

And again some more driving to Mourne Country Hotel (76.5 GBP, 89.6 €) close to the border. Nice place, took a shower, on TV news about police data and it was time to go to sleep

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