Bulgaria 2006

We had a holiday in May so we decided to visit Medo in Sofia. All of us packed in Igor’s VW Golf. We arrived at Sofia after some 10 hours later (2.000 kilometers both ways, 200 € for gas and toll).

Bulgaria 2006 1

Main goal was to visit Medo. After that was achived we went around Sofia (soup in a bread cup) and in the evening we were looking for party (Gergana, boat).

Bulgaria 2006 2

It was a bit crowded in apartmant, we slept on the floor.

On the way back Miha was driving and he stroke a hat trick. First, before we left Sofia, we were hit by a tram. But no big damage, each vehicle continued without stopping.

Soon after crossing the border to Serbia, we were stopped for speeding and overtaking where it is not allowed. Police wanted a few hundred € or Miha to go to jail. Miha said he will go to jail so police said OK give us what you got. They took some Bulgarian Levs and a few bottles of wine.

In Niš, we stopped for a burek. We had just € but they let us without paying. When we returned to the car we realized Miha locked keys in the car. So now we tried to break into the car, the owner of buregdžinica came to help, guest also. After we didn’t succeed they start calling around for locksmith, but during holidays all was closed. Finally, they got one, he came, opened the car in a few seconds, we paid 20 € and we were on our way back home.


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