Sailing 2020 – no corona

Already in December last year, we opened applications and started collecting money for sailing. The core of the team has been sailing together for almost 15 years. In the end, there are 19 of us, enough for three boats. The term is set at 30.5-2.6. and we pay.

The coronavirus occurs. The situation is getting worse, Vietnam drops out in mid-March, Malta drops out in early May. It doesn’t look the best for sailing. The good news begins in mid-May. We’ve been following the changes daily for the last week and everything seems to be going in the right direction. We decide to go the day before and spend the night on the boats on Friday and set sail immediately in the morning. The biggest problem was for a member who had to come from Belgrade.

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On Friday we start with 4 cars, some early, others later. We are already drinking something on the way. After arriving in Split, we slowly gather in the ACI marina. I am among the first to go to bed with too much desire, thirst after 2 months, and too little sleep. One member is swimming.


The next morning, however, we fail to leave very early. The weather is changeable and it is already raining a bit around the island. We go through the Split Gate to the town of Hvar, where we stop for coffee. The place is empty. In the evening we moor in Vela Luka. We even find an open bar, Fjake. Another crew member swam.

vela luka
vela luka


The next day we set off again not too early. In a nice wind we sail to Lastovo, see the tunnels for submarines in turquoise water and anchor in Zaklopatica in the afternoon. There are 8 boats, more than we see all day outside. We play tarok while we wait for dinner at Triton. The whole crew is in good spirits.


On the third day, we start towards Korčula. A crew member jumps while sailing into the water. We stop in the town of Korcula for a drink and a short walk. On the way to Hvar, the weather worsens and we decide to spend the night in Sveta Nedilja, which is protected from the bura wind. Around midnight, all three sailboats are moored.



The last day is dedicated to the route to the marina Split. On the way, we stop in the Hell Islands, where we enjoy the view. After landing in the marina, we cleaned the boat, where it is quickly checked. There was plenty of time to shower and say goodbye to the rest of the party. Another trip to Slovenia, which took place without major complications. The decision to cross in Metlika turned out to be the right one. I’m already home before nine in the evening.


Apparently we are slowly going past the pandemic. The sailing cost was approximately € 450. The weather served us quite well. There were no problems with the boat. The skipper did his job superbly. The chef cooks great. I tried to be a ballast and not disturb the rest at work. Until next year.

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