Weekend in Barbariga

Parents have an apartment in Barbariga, Istria. While it was not possible before now was time for this year’s first visit and preparation for the summer season. The weather was bad on Friday so we choose to go on Saturday. We left around noon. The route is OK, on my way I stop in Koper at the gas station, they don’t check us at the border at all, a short break for cigarettes at the Lim Channel, toll 43 HRK. Upon arrival, at least basic cleaning is required. In the garden, I trim part of the hedge while it’s still bright. I treat myself with a beer after dinner. I fall asleep early.

morning view, Barbariga

I wake up at five the next morning. On the balcony I enjoy the birds singing and the sea view. I work all day again, I saw some branches in the garden, I hang some pictures in the house, I arrange closets. In the evening I walk to ATM and Tropicana, where of course Lucky works, 2x beer 40 HRK. I fall asleep early.

arena, pula, croatia
arena, pula, croatia

It rains heavily during the night, I sleep poorly. We get up early and drive to Pula. The whole morning I jump around the offices, pick up some papers, OIB, … Coffee and Cedevita was 25 HRK. I’m going to the bank to pay a few bills. We wait in line outside, they disinfect my hands inside and measure my temperature. We ate ćevapi in fast food Reka 35 HRK. Slowly back to the parking lot under the arena, 60 HRK. On returning home next was vacuuming, washing windows, and curtains. In the late afternoon, we headed back to Slovenia. At the border again, just from afar look at which passports we have. It is raining from Koper to Ljubljana.

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