Return home over Frankfurt

The alarm clock woke me at midnight, I cleaned, packed, and left the apartment. I planned to walk to the airport, the last walk on this trip. At halfway it started to rain so I used Bolt and spent the last local money with tip, 12 TND=3.6 €.

Return home over Frankfurt 1

On airport check-in, passport control, and security. Went for a smoke and soon we were boarding. Normal flight with Lufthansa, small leg space, empty middle seat, pillow and blanket, water and chocolate, light turbulence.

Return home over Frankfurt 2

After lending fast biometric passport control and security – no liquids check. While I was waiting at Frankfurt airport, I stretched on chairs and used a pillow from a previous flight. Normal flight with Lufthansa on small CRJ 900, 1 hour, ok leg space, and mild turbulence.

Return home over Frankfurt 3

Sister picked me up at Brnik, but with delay because there was an accident. I went for a juice for 4.5 € while I waited. But when it was cleared I was finally home. After unpacking followed shower and lunch. Now it was time to relax by TV.

Return home over Frankfurt 4

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