I woke up late and watched a movie. I got breakfast for 30 TND=9 €, quite good. From the hotel, I walked to the city center. The main things there can be seen from a clock tower, along Ave Habib Bourguiba (Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul and St Olivia of Palermo, Bab al-Bahr gates, central market a bit on the side), continue into medina small streets with Grand mosque (just yard can be visited) and finished at Kazbah square with interesting buildings around and central monument.

Tunis 1

Then I met some Couchsurfing guys, locals, and one Italian. They paid for chapati and I paid for drinks 20 TND= 6€.

Tunis 2

I was tired and my back hurt from all the travel. I also had a long next morning so I took an apartment from Airbnb close to the airport, 36 €. When I arrived by taxi 13 TND=4 € I missed the address, but the owner picked me up and took me to the correct address 1km away. There I took a shower, relaxed, got to bed, and listened to music.

Tunis 3

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