Judas Priest in Stožice, 2022/07/12

The concert, which was postponed twice due to the corona virus, finally took place. Judas Priest also stopped in Ljubljana as part of the 50 heavy metal years tour – after 31 years. Tedej mentioned that he got a ticket and that he was going to see the band he wanted to hear when they first came to Ljubljana. Someone who defined the heavy metal genre and still persists after 50 years, it is obligatory to see them performe live out of respect. I bought a ticket 2 months before the concert for the parter (€50).

A broken leg is not a good way to visit a concert. In addition to the crutch, I also protect my leg with a walker. We missed the opening act The Dead Daisies, because I tried to minimize the time at the concert. A colleague who was there praised their performance. I called a taxi (€12), we picked up Tede on the way. A little before 21:00 we were in front of the hall, just enough time for cigarette and beer.

Judas Priest in Stožice, 2022/07/12 1
Judas Priest

When passing through the control, the security guards let me in and helped me with the ticket. Tedej headed to the fan pie. I stayed at the top of the stands, where I sat comfortably and raised my leg. They come on stage at the announced time of 21:00 with the song War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

A huge trident – the symbol of the band – descended from the ceiling and they opened the concert with One Shot at Glory. The audience was rather lukewarm, but warmed up more with each subsequent song. Rob Hatford changed his outfit several times in between (the nets and leather he brought from gay pop culture now dominates the heavy metal) but after each song he briefly went backstage for a break and…? Over 70 years old and still able to sing at a concert is commendable, even if the vocal is not what it once was.

After 1 hour of the concert, the breaks were getting longer and longer, they entertain the audience in between with cheap tricks. As the last song of the main part, they played Painkiller, when drummer Trevis asked the audience to choose what they will play. They returned for the encore after a few minutes, the gray-bearded singer arrived on a motorbike. Now followed the hits Electric Eye, Hell Bent for Leather, Breaking the Law and the latest Living After Midnight. In the meantime, they put a huge bull on stage, a symbol of Birmingham (the city from where the band is). After that the concert ended, We are the Champion by Queen plays while the audience leaves the hall.

I waited for Tede in the lobby. In the meantime, Alen passed by and mentioned that the last time we saw each other was in Zagreb, when Waters had a concert, and I had an injured leg also then. Of course, everyone’s ears were still ringing for the next half hour. After a beer (€5) and a cigarette, we headed home. We were caught in the rain while we waited for a taxi, where a drunken Austrian joined us.

There were probably more than 5,000 people at the concert, the fan pit was too big and quite empty, the rest of the ground floor was well filled and the seats in the stands were a third occupied. The audience was mostly in their 50s or 20s. All in all a bit quiet for a metal concert. The sound system was not the best, the stage is set up like an iron factory, a huge trident, a bull. The lighting was quite strong and perhaps the best part of the equipment.

Rob tried his best, but still, 70+ years mean not great vocal, which they tried to solve with technique. In between, almost all members interact with the audience. Guitarists Faulkner and Tipton took turns in solos, the bass line keeps the rhythm well. Definitely an interesting experience. Maybe €50 is too much, especially since I was sitting in the stands because of my leg. But I still don’t regret going to the concert.

Table of Contents


War Pigs od Black Sabbath plays when they arrive on the stage

  • One Shot at Glory
  • Lightning Strike
  • You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
  • Freewheel Burning
  • Turbo Lover
  • Hell Patrol
  • The Sentinel
  • A Touch of Evil
  • Victim of Changes
  • Blood Red Skies
  • The Green Manalishi
  • Diamonds & Rust
  • Painkiller


  • The Hellion
  • Electric Eye
  • Hell Bent for Leather
  • Breaking the Law
  • Living After Midnight

We Are the Champions od Queen plays when they turn on lights

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