Repetitor at Metelkova

After wor I moved firsto Picaboj for one Bresaola pizza (15 € with beer). Pizza was good as always, Fidži was not in best mood.

Repetitor at Metelkova 1

From there I took taxi to picnic in Podutik. It was organized by students from Business Informatics at ULEF. As Almuni it was good to see my mentor and other professors in nice atmospher with beer, čevapi and games.

Repetitor at Metelkova 2

Marko took me to Metelkova and around 20h I meet Tedej and Matjaž in bar at Park Tabor. Soon we moved to Gala hala, Metelkova. There we went to concert from Repetitor in garden. When we arrived Lelee band (Jelena, Damjan, Leon and Blaž) was still on stage, didn’t make big impression. We met there David and Tedej cousin.

Repetitor at Metelkova 3

Around 21:30 Repetitor came on stage. This band from Serbia (lineup guitarist and vocalist Boris Vlastelica and drummer Milena Milutinović, bass guitarist and vocalist Ana-Marija Cupin) brought a lot of energy. Boris was all over the stage and outside off it, Ana-Marija was slamming in her corner but Milena behind the drums was most energetic but her instument didn’t left her to much space. Their music is qualified as post-punck, rhytem section is overpowering gitar most of the time, his vocal is broken but it fit well. Also girls sung few songs. Few songs are oposit and in slow pace like Srvena (Red).

Matjaž left before the end of concert. With Tedej we stayed after it finished for a beer (3 €) and interesting debate. Walk his home and then took taxi home (8 €).

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