Metropolis in Orto bar

Metropolis is a band that started in a garage in Trnovo in 1994. The band Metropolis consists of Matjaž Hočevar – Hotschko – bass and voice, Griša Šoba – guitar (a classmate from college who was later replaced by a new member) and Anže Breskvar – Beat Master D – drums. . In 2000, they merged with O.S.T.. Since then, they have a farewell concert once a year in the Orto baru (they performed there for the first time in 1995). They often also have a guest, e.g. Lado Bizovićar.

Metropolis in Orto bar 1

In particular, they play songs sung by Lemmy Kilmister in Motörhead. In 2020, they released their last album after 20 years, and their promotion is a little disrupted by COVID-19. I myself attended a few of these concerts and was always satisfied. Tickets are usually cheap (€5-7), the music is pleasant, and the atmosphere is also nice, they play in the upper hall, which is usually full. If they continue with this tradition, I highly recommend attending this concert at Orto Bar.

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