Darko Rundek – Kino Šiška 26.10.2017

Another concert that I accidentally discover at Kino Šiška during the week and went there alone. This time there was Darko Rundek, who we remember from Haustor. As befits one such legend of music from YU times, I bought a ticket and went to a concert. I was already in the hall shortly after 8 p.m.

The concert is part of the Apocalypse Now tour on the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking solo debut Apocalypse. At 20 concerts in the region of the former state, we witnessed the audiovisual event Apocalypso Now. He also re-released a double album with unpublished songs from the Haustor period. This time he was on stage with the following musicians: saxophonist Ana Kovačević, trumpet player Igor Pavlica, bassist Rok Crnič, percussionist Mira Manojlovič, drums Janko Novoselić, violinist Isabel and multi-instrumentalist Dušan Vranić. He also collaborated with as many as 40 musicians on his debut in his solo career.

The performance itself was imbued with original projections and lighting effects. Darko also changed several times during the concert. This evening was definitely a spectacle where Rundek combined his talents in several fields (music, directing, …) and rounded it off into a music and stage project. This Croatian David Bowie left a fond memory of this concert, in Kino Šiška, which provided technical support but at the same time offered a sufficiently intimate atmosphere.

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