Roller coaster – play

My niece need to go to see some play in theater for school I got two vouchers as present for MGL. So it was ideal time to use them. Nephew also joined us and one of their friends should as well but canceled last minut. Ticket was 17 € and for student is 10.5 €. First it should be Idiot by Dostojevski, but someone in acting company got sick. So we settled for Nora by Ibsen instead. Last they before play we got SMS that for that play also one acto got injured. Now it was option Roller coaster by Serbian Jelena Kajgo that premiered in 2022 and we agreed again.

Roller coaster - play 1

On day of the show we meet at 19h and went to by taxi (8 €) to city center. We arrived just in time because niece needed more time with cruches. We got seats in last row, it ment good overview of whole stage. Seats had limited space for legs. Play was contemporary comedy on family, technology, religion, alination and such. It was good adoptation into Slovene language with strong catch phrases still in English. Scene was was set static and basic but it funtioned well and alowed great dynamics.

In 1 hour and 20 minutes we saw family, friends and technology trying to coup with roller coaster in everyday life with challnges, fears and bias. It referred a lot to nostalgia and time I grow up in, so I could realte for some questions pointed in play. It was well recived by spectators and after two bis it was time to leave.

Roller coaster - play 2

I met friend from collegue, he mentioned picnic for next day. We sat in a bar before returning back home. I tried IPA from Reset Brewery at Promenade, Tomi suggested at Iron Maiden concert, because he works at brewery. Beer was OK. when we finished our drinks (10 €) it was time for another taxi home (7 €) where I saw how Sevilla won again Euro League.

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