Iron Maiden in Stožice 2023

With Jasmina we chatted on FB and she mentioned that Iron Maiden is coming to Ljubljana next week. I completly forgot about it and now was chance to go to thair concert after 20 years with same person. Of cours eI was for it, but problem was tickets, they were sold out long time ago. Jasmina found one fan pit ticket for 170 € but I didn’t have luck so I was a bit disapointed. But on Friday while in Arhiv bar someone saw they put out some more tickets. So I got one for 90 €, close to stage but at bad angle.

Sister took me to arena and there I met with Jasmina after long time. I skipped The Raven Age that played first. We had a lot of catching up to do. Because our tickets were not for same place we departed. I stopped for one beer (5+1 €). On my way in I met a lot of folks from ancient times; David, Pajić brothers, Primož and when I was already inside Gregor.

After 16 years bend is back in Ljubljana. Steve Harris had show with British Lion in Cvetličarna day before. Opening of the first concert by Iron Maiden on Future Past Tour in Arena Stožice, Ljubljana was with Blade Runner Intro and then Caught Somewhere in Time. For this tour they put in front last album Senjutsu and one of old ones Somewhere In Time. 5 songs they played for first time on concert, suprise was Alexander The Great that was recorded almost 40 years ago.

Iron Maiden in Stožice 2023

On stage there were strong visuals with Eddie apperaing on stage twice. But main setting was four guitars, drummer in back and singer jumpin around. Janick was most energetic on stage. Bruce tried to communicate with fans, but he can’t produce hight tones as before. Steve bass was recognizable.

After 12 song they returned on the encore for 3 more songs and that was it. Less than two hours in not what I expected but what can we do. On exit I met with Jasmina again and drove back home with her and Edo. Nice evening for nostalgia and meeting people. As for concert maybe I expected more.


  • Doctor Doctor
  • Blade Runner Intro
  • Caught Somewhere in Time
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • The Writing on the Wall
  • Days of Future Past
  • The Time Machine
  • The Prisoner
  • Death of the Celts
  • Can I Play With Madness
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Alexander the Great
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Iron Maiden
  • Encore:
  • Hell on Earth
  • The Trooper
  • Wasted Years
  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

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