Udinese vs Lazio 0:1

Again I am visiting a game at Udinese stadion with ex coworkers from Nomago (Blaž, Robert and Andrej). This time it was Udinese vs Lazio. I was tired from trip to Bosnia. Blaž picked my up around 15:30 and drove to border with Italy. While waiting other two we had local beer at Oriks, 2.5 €. Robert drove to Italy, first we stopped at Osteria Mulin Vecio in Gradisca d’Isonzo to try some of their cold cuts and white wine. We finished with strudel, 107 €.

Osteria Mulin Vecio
Osteria Mulin Vecio

Now it was time to move to Dacia stadium. There we had some problems finding parking spot. We parked far away and had long walk. We had nice seats in 5th row (100 €/ticket), but all seats were not taken so we just sat somewhere. Fans where great from both sides.

First half was not good, rear chances from both sides. In second half Lazio picked up their pace and created many chances. At one of those Immobile fall in penalty area. The Biancocelesti captain converted penalty and reached 200th goal for the Romans. This win put them in spot for Champion league. We left few minutes before the end to avoid crowd. A beer was 5 € and mineral water was 2 €, steep stairs.

It was time to return home. First part drove Robert with Škoda. And from the border Blaž took us home in his Volvo, smooth ride and I was home around midnight.

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