Klemen Klemen concert in Zorica, 3. Repa

Andreja mentions to me the day before that Klemen Klemen will perform in Zorica today. I haven’t seen him live for 5 years since performing at Fužine Castle. And I haven’t been to Zorica yet in the evening. I picked up Andreja at home and drove to Kersnikova at half-past eight. There we have a minor complication around parking.

In Zorica we bought tickets (18 € on the day of the concert, previously 15 or 17 €) and went to the bar. There we were waiting for a drink, the waiters are not among the fastest. Soon, Beli and a colleague arrive at the bar. We exchanged a few more rounds and sat outside where you could smoke. We moved on to the concert around 10 pm, when Klemen has already played a few songs.

Klemen Klemen is on stage with his DJ Stojko. There is also a band within the third Repa event (drummer Žiga Smrdel, bassist Peter Smrdel, and guitarist Filip Vadnu). The atmosphere is real, and the audience enjoyed it. Otherwise, Klemen and the band are not the most well-coordinated, despite several rehearsals. Guests are constantly coming on stage, but they are also late. King missed the song “Lepa soseda”, but then they just played it again.

Klemen returns to the encore where he performed Kep pička and Ljubezen. And after a good hour and a half, the concert ends around midnight. Despite the lack of quality, the concert turns out nicely and is well received by the audience. We went for another drink, where we waited again for 10 minutes. We hung out a bit with Manca and Jan before we headed home, where I arrived around 1am.

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