Iron Maiden Velika Gorica 2003

I wasn’t in Metal music but Iron Maiden was too great of a name to pass it. With two neighbors, Sašo and Jasmina, and one coworker, Mitja we bought tickets (? €) for a concert on Give Me Ed… ’til I’m Dead Tour. We drove to Velika Gorica stadium Radnik in the suburbs of Zagreb, Croatia. We needed a bit more than 1 hour. Murderdolls were the opening act. Iron Maiden came to stage after 21h. Around 12.000 people were there.

They opened with The Number of the Beast and after almost two hours finished with two hits Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter and Run to the Hills (short encore). Bruce’s voice did its magic, still not as back in the day. He was all over the stage. Also, Eddy in different versions was there. I was caught in the moment and went to the front rows, jumping on the right leg while on the left leg Achilles tendon was torn 2 months before. Maybe communication with the audience was weak with few mentions of Zagreb … On our way back we bought Jagermaister and got drunk. The driver was sober but without a license. We were stopped by police a few hundred meters from home by police. Somehow they let him continue driving?


The Number of the Beast
The Trooper
Die With Your Boots On
Hallowed Be Thy Name
22 Acacia Avenue
Wildest Dreams
The Wicker Man
Brave New World
The Clansman
The Clairvoyant
Heaven Can Wait
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter
Run to the Hills

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