Bruce Springsteen Milano 2003

Tone suggested visiting the Bruce Springsteen concert in Milano. I wasn’t his fan but still Boss is the Boss. So we took a complete arrangement with that included ticket and transport (50 €). So on the given date, in the morning we went to the pickup place. There we met with Aljaž and …

Ticket stub for the 28 Jun 2003 show at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy
Ticket stub

We arrived in the afternoon in Milano and we park in front of the grandiose San Siro stadium (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza). When we entered it was already half full. Before the concert started we would cheer each technician on stage. žas concert started I looked up and there were just a few clouds. We joked what if it rained. Soon it wasn’t a joke. I rained most of the concert. In the beginning, I was bothered a bit, but soon I just relaxed and enjoyed as the rest of the audience.

Also on stage Bruce and the E-street band performed as there was no rain. They spiced performance with Who’ll Stop the Rain. The performance by Boss was great, the bend was following him greatly. The connection with the audience was incomparable. He knew how to connect and people in Milan was waiting for a while for him to return. Rain even helped to create an atmosphere. Also, the length of the concert gives you the impression that he wants to give everything to those that came to the concert. The whole concert lasted around 3 and a half hours.

I was walking towards the exit at the end, while my leg hurt (Achilles tendon was torn 2 months prior to the concert). We all entered the bus completely soaked. I had a backup t-shirt but I was in my underwear while trousers had 5kg. We were all still full of impressions of the concert. In my life, I was probably on more than 200 concerts, small and big ones. But this is still one of two favorite concerts. So my suggestion, if you have chance don’t miss going to his concert


The Promised Land
The Rising
Lonesome Day
My Love Will Not Let You Down
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Empty Sky
The River
Waitin’ on a Sunny Day
Who’ll Stop the Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) (not on written setlist)
Growin’ Up
Worlds Apart
Out in the Street (with (Walking) in the Rain tag)
Mary’s Place
Follow That Dream (Elvis Presley cover) (tour debut)
Thunder Road
Into the Fire
No Surrender
Bobby Jean
Born to Run
Encore 2:
My City of Ruins
Land of Hope and Dreams
Encore 3:
Dancing in the Dark (with Jon Landau)
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Handwritten setlist for the 28 Jun 2003 show at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy
Handwritten setlist

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