Good morning Vietnam

Good morning Vietnam is the first Vietnamese restaurant in Ljubljana. Of course, the name alludes to the movie of the same name with Robin Williams in the lead role. They are located in the center but hidden from view in the Nebotičnikpass between Štefan street and Cankar road. They have a few tables available outside and a few inside. The equipment is simple and does not stand out. The same owner has another restaurant in Maribor.

Of course, rice dishes predominate here on the menu. When it comes to soups, you shouldn’t miss Pho Bo – it’s a beef soup with rice noodles and spices that give the soup a fresh flavor. If you eat only this, order a large portion (€ 8.7), if you can afford something else, a small portion of € 5.7 is enough. You can also start with some rice rolls (€ 4.5). With the main dishes, rice and noodles are in the forefront again. I usually take some dish with beef, e.g. Bun Bo Xao (€ 11.4).

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10th of August 2021

Good morning Vietnam 1
Pho Bo

With coworkers from work, we went there for a lunch break. It is 5 minutes away from our offices. While all seats were taken outside we took one out of two inside. I had a small bowl of Pho Bo – beef soup (beef, rice noodles, spring onions, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, anise). The main course was Pho Ap Chao bo – Crispy broad noodles with beef (beef, rice noodles, string beans, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, carrots, sesame, leeks, peppers). It was tasty and maybe too much. I paid 14.40 €

Good morning Vietnam 2
Pho Ap Chao Bo

3rd of March 2020

Together with my colleagues, we decide to try the new Asian version of the cuisine in Ljubljana for the first time. The place is a bit hidden, the waiters have language problems, but the food is delicious (I spice it up with sriracha sauce) but at a slightly higher price. I ordered Pho Bo beef soup and Pho Xao Bo beef noodles.

Pho Xao Bo
Pho Xao Bo

Whatever you choose it will be delicious and fresh. But prices are a bit too high, you can quickly get € 15 for soup and the main course. The location has an advantage but at the same time, it feels a bit strange. Unfortunately, the staff does not speak Slovenian. Either way, for Asian food lovers, this is a place they must visit at least once. They also deliver via the Wolt / Glovo / eHrana platforms.

Good morning Vietnam 3
Wolt delivery – 25th of Janary 2020

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