My path to owning a blog

Most of us, travel blog owners, have similar stories. We started to travel. We like it so we continued and develop a passion for it. In time photos and stories accumulated and we wanted to share them with our families and friends. So we would use different tools for it. But as the material had grown also audience had grown until we needed a better tool. And my story is the same.

But here I will go into more details. I the mid-’80s I got my first computer Commodore 128 D, from then on I got familiar with computers, and today I even work in IT. In the mid-’90s gaining access to the internet was the next big step that opens a new world to me, already playing with simple web pages. In the year a 2000 trip to countries of Ex Yugoslavia would probably mean turn in my affinity towards traveling.

In 2005 I would buy my first domain and host a page (Informatiki on net – You can see some remains at From 2005 until 2007 I was really active, even as part of a community of MWPX – CMS. Page got even PageRank 4. That would be equivalent to DA 40 today. I was more in technology than content. As for traveling, I would cover my trips from 2004 until 2007 (Trannsiberian, Barcelona, Cuba, Mexico). As new technologies came along this page got obsolete. I would pay until 2009 but no new content was added.

My path to owning a blog 1

In 2006 I would open a blog on Blogspot. I would post one post about a trip to Barcelona. While I didn’t see any advantage comparing to my page. This was soon forgotten.

My path to owning a blog 2

I joined Facebook in 2007. There I could publish my photos, notes and share them with family and friends. So at that moment, it was everything I needed. In time you would be able to have bigger albums, better functionalities, and it seemed that will be enough. And for almost a decade I was settled.

In 2015 I would set up local server at home (WAMP). After installing WordPress I strated setting things up (template, categories, add-ons). Soon it was time to enter content from trip. Until it would be finished I kept all on local machine. After some 2 months of work hard disk drive stopped working. I was so disappointed that I put it aside for next 5 years.

In early 2020 again I bought domain and hosting. I took the easiest way, installing WP with a click on Bluehost, using a free template. When COVID-19 came along I had a great opportunity to create a lot of content from 20 years of traveling. So far, after 1 year I’m still continuing to write, around 330 posts (x3 languages) and at currently 1000 visitors monthly.

We will see what the future holds for my blogging.

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