Konoba Istra in Bale

I had to go to Barbariga again. When I did everything necessary, it was time for the match Slovenia:Australia. Probably 200 fans gathered in the two bars that had the broadcast. I barely got a seat in the corner and they served warm Ožujsko beer next to it because the fridges couldn’t keep up with the pace of the fans. Unfortunately we lost, but the fans stood by the team and chanted for another 5 minutes after the game.

The sun was shining outside and I said to myself I will stop somewhere along the way until it cools down. Bale is the first possible stop on the old road. I turned to the center, park on the first free spot. The parking meter was on coins I didn’t have. So I went to the first inn and ask them for change. Although they lack change, they made me favor. Since the bar was empty, I said to myself that I can have a drink here on the shaded terrace. Later I saw that the place is called the tavern Istra. They didn’t start serving food until 6 p.m after siesta.

Soon the terrace was filled with locals; mechanic, fisherman, some family. It was interesting to listen to them, their Istrian language is a mixture of Croatian and Italian, even some Slovene words would be in between. I soon exchange a few words with one, with another … Slowly it was time for the restaurant to reopen. Food was only served on the inner terrace where I moved.

Konoba Istra in Bale 1

Although it was very busy, I got a good table, for 4. I ordered an Istrian plate, where there are cured meat products, cheese and olives. Everything was OK, the prosciutto could be sliced thinner and they could add some homemade bread.

The main dish was an Istrian steak. A big piece of meat with mushroom and prosciutto sauce and homemade pljukanci for the side dish. The meal was delicious and very filling, the steak is medium except on one edge it was a little too dry. I was quite satisfied with the whole meal. It costed me a around 40 EUR with a tip and a drink.

Konoba Istra in Bale 2

Too bad most guests only came for fried squid and didn’t even try anything else. But obviously this was a good business. They constantly had to turn down guests because they were full and guests had no reservations. Few waited for almost half an hour to get a table.

Now satisfied and full I returned to the front terrace and decided to drink additional drink until the food settles. Now that it was no longer hot and the market in fornt was reviving and full of people. Since I’ve drank enough I told myself I’ll rest in the car before I hit the road, but the kids in the market were loud until midnight and there was no rest. When they finally shut up, I got up myself and went for a walk around the old town on the hill. Now it was time to head home, first on the old road to wake up and then on the Y. There I had a patient who followed me with long lights. There is only one car in front of me at the Dragonja border, the customs officer even looked at the PCT paper. I was home around 3 AM.

Konoba Istra in Bale 3
Stari grad – Kaštel Soardo – Bembo

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