Cafe Romeo – best pancakes in town

Cafe Romeo is a restaurant located in the old town of Ljubljana. Although the address is Stari trg 6, it has the most tables on the terrace along the Gallus embankment overlooking the Ljubljanica and a few more tables on the Waterway. Despite the interior. which is nicely decorated in case of nice weather I suggest you choose a table somewhere outside. As a curiosity, on the opposite is the restaurant Julija.

The offer here is mainly fusion and international cuisine. Mexican cuisine is best represented by Quesada, Nachos, Chips with dips, Tortillas, Quesadillas, … For an Italian touch, there are pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Even Japanese noodles can be ordered.

Even with the diversity in the offer of cocktails, they were not modest here. Here you can find the well-known mojito, margarita, b52, mai tai, long island to non-alcoholic versions.

Pancakes Romeo

But the main reason to visit this place is their pancakes. Otherwise, this is a fairly subjective assessment, but most would agree that here are the best pancakes in town. You can choose between one, two, or three toppings (lemon, honey, walnuts, hazelnuts, Nutella, fruit toppings) or choose a combination of these toppings predefined in advance. The last time I visited them was with Andreja, who wished for their pancakes. I choose Mango (mango topping, Nutella, coconut) and Andreja Ferrero Rocher (Nutella, hazelnuts, chocolate topping) and there is plenty of cream on the side.

Cafe Romeo - best pancakes in town 1
Romeo – palačinke (foto by Andreja)

If you want to satisfy your hunger with something sweet near the Ljubljanica river, this will be the right place for you. Where are the best pancakes in Ljubljana for you? Write your opinion in the comment.

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