Zorica – lunch

Since last year, in addition to the cult club K4, Kersnikova 4 in Ljubljana has also housed the Zorica bar, the Tink4 restaurant and the ZZZ Hostel under the common name Lok4cija. Zorica is basically a bar and a venue for various concerts, but today I am going there for lunch with Aljoša. We walked out of the office and arrived in a few minutes. We decided to sit outside where we can smoke.

Zorica - lunch 1

Look at the menu offers an interesting selection of soups, vegan dishes, burgers, and some other dishes. We choose a burger with sweet potatoes, but the waitress informs us that they don’t have burgers this big and that they ran out of sweet potatoes. Aljoša stil insists on a smaller burger, I took chicken wings and ordinary fries. After 15 minutes we got ordered. The fries are OK, a large portion, and with ketchup-mayonnaise sauce. The burger isn’t the biggest but a co-worker says it will be OK for lunch. I got 6-7 wings and some salad next to it. The wings were marinated in a spicy Asian sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds and quite tasty. It was wrong that there are also the tops of the wing there, which are useless. Everything is served in paper, there are no utensils, not a single napkin, which I would at least expect for my dish. After a hearty meal, I went to the toilet to wash my hands and settle the bill. It costed exactly 15 €.

In summary, I would say delicious, affordable, but they still lack a few things to be good (half the menu is not possible to order, no utensils, no napkins). But I will probably stop here again someday.

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