KK Cedevita Olimpija vs Promitheas Patras 98:84

Olimpija was playing against Patras in its home Arena Stožice in the group stage of EuroCup. When I met Mateja in Belgrade we agreed to meet in Ljubljana as well. She was at the game for work so I said I will come also. I drove to Stožice and parked not too close. Caught up with her for a short time before the game started. Slobo was still a volunteer. Also saw Monika for a bit during the first half and in halftime break went for a beer with Andrej. There were some Adacta ex-coworkers. Next to me were Dragić’s parents. There were around 2000 people in Stožice.

As for the game, both teams started with lots of turnovers, but Olimpija ended the first quarter with 13 points lead. In the second quarter, Patras woke up and reduced leed to just 5 points. The main job was done by Olimpija in the 3rd quarter when they dominated the game. They scored 36 points and increased their lead to 26. In the last quarter, they let the guys from the bench play and gain some experience. Patras reduced the gap by almost half but still in the end Olimpija won 98:84 and they are 6th in the group with 50% wins.

After the game, Mateja still had some work and we agreed to meet next time she is in Ljubljana. It was early and I stopped in Daktari for a beer. There was Gaber so I joined him. Then Urban came in. Half an hour later Borut was at the table. And last was Goran to join. It ended with more than one beer in the end, but fun night.

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