The Batman – movie

Batman is Andreja’s favorite character from comics and it was logical to see a new movie about him. While the movie is almost 3h long we decided to go for an early show. At Kino Bežigrad they had one at 18:00 so that was a logical choice. After work, I was hungry and wanted to eat at Thai Zone Ljubljana, but this day they closed an hour earlier because Aoy was a bit under the weather. Then I opted for a burger at Kino Bežigrad. It is a nice setting, like in old dinners in the USA. I ordered a burger with fries, a big portion, and an average taste. We had an hour before projection stated, enough time to catch up on events this week.

The Batman - movie 1

After the screening of the movie, a lot of us rushed towards the toilet. The reason was the length of it, almost 3 hours, and a large soda. They could present this crime/detective story in an hour less. Batman should be dark and gloomy but to see a bit of color just a few times in all of its lengths was a bit depressing. The presentation of Batman was good, especially on shots with his silhouette. Action scenes were strong, but not focused on gadgets. As for the cast, I was in doubt before I saw it, but they functioned well. Maybe there was a lack of chemistry between Batman and Catwoman. To conclude I would say that it was not a bad movie but it didn’t leave a WOW effect. Probably because I grew up with Tim Burton’s version of Batman.

After the show, we sat in one of the boots in a bar and had our review of what we just saw before leaving towards home.

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