Svetilnik in Ljubljana

Something new before physiotherapy on Friday. This time it was the Lighthouse in Zupančičeva jama. They had a wide selection on the menu, from burgers, fried food, salads to a large selection of pizzas. The waitress kindly helped me choose.

Svetilnik in Ljubljana 1

I chose a burger, namely the Mexico version (bombetta, beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, nacho cheese and jalapeno; served with fries). I waited around 10 minutes to get what I ordered. The portion was solid and with the fries it is enough enough for a snack. However, everything was still at the level of burgers 10 years ago. It was not bad, I’d say it was even delicious, but they haven’t kept up with the progress. I paid €10 and moved on. I will consider a future visit, maybe with a nostalgic desire for the old burger taste

Svetilnik in Ljubljana 2

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