La Creperie Cheri

La Creperie Cheri is the place where you can get the biggest pancakes in Ljubljana. I came here twice in vain because they were closed. Once because of Covid, the second time because of collective leave. This time Andreja and I called them (051 401 400) before going to visit them after work. You can find them at Linhartova cesta 34, where there are usually enough free parking spaces nearby (Tuesday-Sunday 15:00-22:00).

La Creperie Cheri 1

The restaurant is nicely furnished, but there is very little space inside, and there are a few tables outside. However, there is a Wolt/Glovo delivery option. The waitress introduces us to their offer. The base is a pancake (plain, choco, buckwheat, red) with a diameter of 50 cm. In the background, there is a huge selection of what the pancake will be served with (spreads, chocolate bars, fruit, nuts, biscuits, ice cream, … Even salty options are available. The choice is too large and I left it to the taste of the waitress, and Andreja orders her own pancake composition. While we wait, we order a Gin and tonic.

La Creperie Cheri 2

When we gotthe pancakes on the table, we realized the amount that we will have to eat. The dough is delicious, the filling is too much, my version could have had too many different flavors. In between we pant, because it really is an energy bomb. At the next table, before the end, they are already fainting, but we persist until the end, even though my eyes are already foggy.

We rest a little afterwards, paid €35 and said goodbye. You definitely won’t forget these pancakes and I can easily confirm that they are biggest in town. But still, for me the best are in Romeo, because of the location, the taste and the right measure.

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