Ošterija Žogica in Solkan

After a business trip to Italy, we stopped in Solkan, that Andrej, as a local, suggests the Žogica inn. The location is ideal, less than a kilometer out of Solkan, along the Soča River. In the heat wave, it was nice to sit in the garden, where it was at least a little windy by the river. All the locals know each other, the staff is friendly and they also joked a bit about the weather.

Ošterija Žogica in Solkan 1
Oštarija Žogica by Odpiralni časi

We order a daily lunch. We , all three, choose the same menu, which consisted of vegetable cream soup, pasticcio – a kind of vegetable lasagna placed on a bed of roast beef. The portion may have been even too big, but we still managed that energy bomb. I spiced it up a bit with peperoncino oil. There is also a small mixed salad (salad, tomatoes, beets). At the end there is a dessert, a chilled small slice of pie with berries and cream. We also had a drink with me, I drunk half a liter of cedevita for thirst at 37 degrees. The bill for all was € 30.

Definitely worth a stop if you are already at this end. You can expect good prices, home cooking (including pizzas from the bread oven) in a beautiful ambience.

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