Ajda restaurants

Ajda is a fast food place in Ljubljana since 1988, on the Ajdovščina platform, where we usually went early in the morning. Today they have a place in the Ajdovščina underpass, opposite the main bus station and in BTC. With collegues we decide to go to the one in the underpass. Seven of us found enough space. Soon everything was occupied. After we have already ordered, the waiter returned to say that they have run out of burgers. In addition to the standard kebabs, there are also burgers, pasta, salads, and enpanadas.

Ajda restaurants 1

I don’t risk it and took 10 ćevaps. The bun was a little smaller, but not too hard or soggy, ćevaps were tasty, maybe the shape could be better, the cream cheese was good, the onion could be cut better. But to sum it up as a whole, I was satisfied. If they didn’t have good food, they wouldn’t have existed for almost 35 years and continued to expand

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