salad bar

BIFE is salad bar (Kolodvorska 3; weekdays, 10 – 18h) close to work. After doctor mentioned I should change my diet I decided to go for a salad. On arrival I had trouble accessing them while in front of entrance there was constraction site. Also while eating noise and smell was annoying. salad bar 1

On menu they have prapred mixtures of salads or you can mix one by your preferences (2 base ingridients+3 add on+seeds+dressing+extra optional). Also you can get 3 options of bowl, 2 soups and 2 desserts. They are for local vegetables, biodegredable utensils and bowls. they prepare sauces, dressings, soups, … You can pay only by card. There is option of online order and pick up, Wolt, another location in Kranj and two pickup place on Wednasdays (IJS in Idealist).

I chose for me my own mixture; green salad, spinach, tomatoes, parmigano, edamame, pumping oil and basamico vinigar, no seeds and extra chicken. I took some water – self-service. This was most expensive option and I paid 17.2 €. Even it was prepared in front of me and tasty that is to much. salad bar 2

6 girls working there were good service. I don’t need to mention I was only guy as customer in half hour I was there. They didn’t have luck with construction. They are overpiced. On return to work I was in need of toilet. I hope it was not that chicken. In short not bad but overpriced

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