No Vietnam – Coronavirus

I bought flight tickets on 31.12.2019 to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 14.3. and back from Yangoon on 3.4.2020, Myanmar. So first days in the new year I was planning what to see. In the first 2 weeks, I would join Andreja in Vietnam and the rest of the trip would be reserved for Myanmar.


Time went by and my excitement about the trip was getting higher. By the end of January news about a new virus in China was getting published more often. That meant signal for me to start monitoring the situation more carefully. But as time passed it looked like it was contained just to China. In Vietnam, they discovered 16 cases, one area was in quarantine. A week later those people got out healthy. I was optimistic about the situation.

Then Italy happened. A combination of different factors there made it a new hot spot of the virus. So at the beginning of February, the prospect changed drastically. Flights in Italy were canceled after an additional week. So I had the option to postpone my trip for free or hope it will be OK and to travel alone. So I sadly decided to postpone it to the end of October.

In last week Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads to Slovenia and we got some drastic measurements. So I am sad that I stayed at home instead of being on an airplane today. But on the other hand, I agree it was necessary to do soo. I hope this will not last too long and not leave us with too big of devastation after.

So my advice is to listen to what authorities are publishing as measures. They are different from country to country and depending on what stage the epidemic is. But it looks like all suggest:

  • keep high hygienic standards (washing hands, sneezing in the sleeve, …)
  • limit your physical social contact (avoid crowds, elder people, unnecessary contacts, …)
  • strengthen your immune system (a healthy and active life, eat well, …)

Stay healthy!

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