No Myanmar – coronavirus #2

Today a reminder showed me that I should now have a flight from Rangoon towards home. For the third week at home in self-isolation, I mourn a journey that did not happen. The trip is postponed to October and at that time I will not visit Myanmar, but I will only be in Vietnam and on return I will stay in Qatar for 12h.

no flight
no flight

This crisis revealed two things:

  • People in crisis show their true colors. There are lots of people who selflessly care for others and are exposed to infection and work in difficult conditions, for which I am grateful. Most people try, follow directions, spread positive energy, showing solidarity. Of course, individuals who are selfish and irresponsible also floated to the surface. Where the bottom is reached by those who even want to take advantage of such a situation for their own benefit.
  • The excess of time initially throws us off track. After the initial rest, we get buried in things that we have been putting off for a long time. For me, there are two examples; writing this blog and sorting out the wardrobe. But I dare not think what it would be like if someone took away our internet access

We are far from ending this crisis. We currently have exceeded one million infected, 50,000 deaths. But also 200,000 have already been healed. Obviously, in the long run, we will change certain patterns of behavior. All eyes are on the future. How long will self-isolation last? What consequences will a coronavirus have on the economy? How will we live now? Time will tell …

Until we know what the future holds (and the coronavirus), stay positive and stay healthy (follow the instructions for hygiene, social distance and healthy living principles).

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