With new phone I couldn’t do much even I hadinternet access. Couldn’t log into my mail, couldn’t download apps to my phone, couldn’t creat ne gmail account, found some mail that register without phone number, couldn’t access my social media, phone box in garbage …

Changi Singapore
Changi Singapore

During night I was tring to find someone to buy me ticket online and I would gave them cash. Most people would just walked away, some would make excuses. But I understand it sounds fishy. Finally I found 3 Indonesian guys. They agreed to help. But they didn’t have enough cash on their cards and had to wait that friend in Indonesia would buy ticket.

Singapore-Taipei 1

Now I had to wait few hours. At 8 am friend responded nad tried to buy ticket at Scoot, but no luck. Next flight was with China air in afternoon, 250 SGD. So at least I had one thing solved. I had few hours before flight. So I went to information desk and bought them some sweets (12 €) for all the help they provided. Next I tried to find Lavania, she was not at work so I left 50 SGD to repay my debt times 2.

Singapore-Taipei 2

At checkin for flight to Taipei new problems. I needed to provied ticket that will take me out of Taiwan. I moved to Scoot desk on ather side of airport. Got printout of ticket with stemp and returned back in time for my flight. It was OK flight with meal.

Singapore-Taipei 3

Flight was OK, enough leg space, food, media. On arrival it was chaotic. Immigration card was challange without glasses, I should filled it online or at least on airplane. Exchange office wih bad exchange rate, 250 SGD. Searched for Taipei ticket office, but it was closed. Moved to city with train, 150 TWD.

Singapore-Taipei 4

At station searched for Taipei ticket office, no luck. Some kids dancing, homeless people outside. I ate some noodles for 220 TWD. With taxi 180 TWD I moved to Shanger hotel, 780 TWD. I had some problems because I should arrive day before and my cards were cancelled. Borrowed charger for phone at reception. Finally in my room. After shower I washed my clothes (drying) and after 3 days I was again in bed.

Shanger hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
Shanger hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

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