Maiden (movie)

Boštjan sent me SMS if I am up for a movie. So we agreed to go to the show on Tuesday. This time he chose the documentary “Maiden“. While it was just the 8th of March 2 days before I found it fit for something with this topic. The ticket was 3.8 € in Kino Dvor, a small theater with some 20 to 25 seats. Saw Vita there.

The movie was about girls trying to get into boys’ world. Sailing in harsh Whitbread race around the world with an all-women team was first tried by Tracy Edwards in 1989. She had to pass a different kind of obstacles on her journey. In the end, they finished second in class, winning two stages. But it was one big win for gender equality. With that, they established a female presence in this kind of race and sailing in general. It looks like you need one stubborn individual to move people’s mindset.

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