Čuk pizza place in Postojna

We tried a pizza place in Postojna called Čuk. On return from a business meeting in Pula, Croatia we got hungry close to Postojna. I called Tedej and Andrej as locals to suggest a place for a nice meal. While it was Monday, Aeropub and Ob kaminu were closed. So we went to Čuk restaurant by the stadium.

Čuk pizza place in Postojna 1
burrata pizza , čuk, postojna

The interior was nicely decorated, they even had a fireplace. We got seats on a terrace with a nice view. On the menu, they got pasta, burger, and pizza. The waiter was kind but in an empty restaurant, we waited 10 minutes for him to take our order. I and Andrej ordered Pizza Burrata and Borut took pasta with truffles.

Čuk pizza place in Postojna 2
tiramisu, čuk, postojna

Pizza dough and a pelati sauce were backed and on top was laid buffalo carpaccio, dried and cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, and burrata. The pizza had tasty toppings. But there is still a place for improvement. The dough was bad, hard, they could use fresh basil and the knife was not appropriate for cutting pizza. For dessert, I had tiramisu, served in a nice cup.

We finished and paid 60 € for 3x meal, dessert, and drink. It was good meal but they could do better.

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