NK Bravo:NK Domžale cup semifinal

With coworkers from Nomago we left work sooner so we could see semifinal game between Bravo and Domžale. Game started early, at 2 PM so we were missing begining of the match. And in that time Domažale were in lead by Ibričić goal in 3rd minute. We just settled at our seat when domžale increased their lead to 0:2 with header by Klmenčič (pass by Jakupović). And this was result at the end of first half even Bravo had few promising chances.

In second half things change. After pass by Trontelj Marjanac scored in 64th minute. But game changer was penalty after VAR decision on play with hand in 85th minute. Kramarič scored to equlize. In extra time (95th minute) Bajde scored late in the game for first cup final of Bravo team. It was time celebrate after this game full ofups and downs.

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