Franko casa-Nagla is 40

Since Gregor was celebrating his 40th birthday, he wanted to take us somewhere special and he picked Casa Franko with Ana Roš. Simon arranged the transport and when all six of us had gathered, we drove towards Kobarid.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 1

On our way we made a short stop and arrived at the location late in the afternoon.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 2

They seat us in a separate room for closed parties. We had a glass of welcome drink and sat down.


Dishes begin to line up accompanied by suitable wine.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 3

One member of group is a vegetarian but he was also taken care for.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 4

The courses followed one after the other. And each one represents ecstasy of taste, smell and visual presentation. They try to use local ingredients (trout, cheese, wine, …). Despite the small portions, it is necessary to take a break in the middle.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 5

Here, even simple foods such as potatoes and bread, do not leave you indifferent. For all meals, there is a lot of effort required for the preparation of each plate. In the meantime, even Ana comes to greet us. She seems friendly, relaxed, and simple.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 6

We finished with desserts. Here I was especially impressed by the dessert, which contains horseradish but still works perfectly.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 7

Finally, a couple of sweets and coffee before going home. We said goodbye to Ana and drove back home.

Franko casa-Nagla is 40 8

The tasting menu (11 courses, 20 different bites) was € 150 and accompanying wine (7 different wines) € 75. For me, the experience was worth the money. Although I can’t say I’m a gourmet, the combination of all the flavors left a strong impression. It definitely helped that I was in a really great company. If you have the opportunity, I recommend it.

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