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On Friday after work, I went home ate, packed and I was back in the city (taxi 8 €). I went to Roza slon to mingle with friends and play Fifa on PS5. At 20h I moved to Ortobar with Tedej where Laibach had a concert as part of Orto fest (25 €, 35 € on the day of the concert). There was already Boštjan with Miha. After a drink, we went in for a short (a bit more than an hour) and demanding performance for ears, full of symbolism about totalitarian systems, obsolete or topical?

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 1
Moment from concert Laibach, Ortobar

After the concert, we stay some time for a bit of chat. Kaja was there. On the way back, it was raining so we arrived at Roza slon wet. We played a few more games before I moved to the bus station. Flixbus (10 €) was late 1.5 hours, but they sent a notification and link to monitor what is going on,. I ate a homemade sandwich. After more than one hour of the ride came both borders, on each one we lost an hour. But to top all that one old guy (probably with dementia and shouldn’t travel alone) searched for his ID on both sides for 15 min. I was afraid that I will miss my flight, but the customs officer sent me off.

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 2

In Zagreb main station we arrived a bit before 5 am almost 3 hours late. I got the next bus (5 €) to the airport by Pleso prijevoz. We needed less than half an hour to airport Franjo Tuđman. I finished quickly with formalities and another half hour before I boarded the plane. If we were 10 minutes later with Flixbus I would miss my flight. The flight with Lauda for Ryanair was delayed at least 30 min.

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 3

We landed at TORP Sandefjord Airport around 10 am. I had to move to Oslo by train (33 €) in took less than 2h. I ate another sandwich. To the train shuttle bus took us, it was included in the ticket for a train. The bus was a bit crowded and after a few minutes of drive, we were at a train station. Trains were comfortable, in good shape, not too crowded, with electric sockets and free WiFi.

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 4

On arrival in Oslo, I took a stroll around town. The main train station is in the south, close to the harbor. There I checked the view from the Opera house and then continued by the coast towards Akershus fortress and cathedral.

From there I walked 3 kilometers east to Avis rent a car. I rented a Suzuki S-cross Hybrid 4×4. It was automatic with a nice interior. I paid for 5 days (96h) 160 € with insurance included. It took around 30 minutes to finish with all bureaucracy.

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 5

I drove to Mare place, ex-coworker that lives there now 7 years and created there family and life for himself. He explained how things work in Norway, and suggested a few things to do … Nice talk after a decade. Bought two bananas 1 € and paid parking for 9 € (easypay).

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 6

From Oslo, I drove to Lillehammer. I made one stop on my way. In Lillehammer drove up to the Olympic ski jump for a beautiful view.

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer 7

From there I continued driving toward Trondheim. On my way, I stopped, rested, and then move on a few times.

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