Trondheim Geirangers

For breakfast, I had tuna and then Trondheim. When I arrived at 5am there was just me, the taxi and seagulls. I made a tour around the old town, Nidaros cathedral, crossing the Nidelva river over the Old bridge (view of houses on both sides). From there I went uphill toward Kristiansten Fortress for another view of the city.

Trondheim Geirangers 1
Trondheim Geirangers 2
Trondheim Geirangers 3
Trondheim Geirangers 4

Now path led me over Oppdal village west toward snowy fjord country. Stop at one gas station for a donut and Redbull (7 €). At the next gas station, I refueled (78 €). Stopped by the road and put my feet in the water of the fjord – cold and then washed my feet in the stream, even colder.

Trondheim Geirangers 5

At some self-service store (some lady show me how to buy things there) bought some snacks and water (10 €). At one of the stops saw the biggest waterfall in Europe and 4th in the world, Vinnufossen.

Trondheim Geirangers 6

I tried to cross Trollstigen pass but it was closed.

Trondheim Geirangers 7

Decided to go to Alesund, and crossed Tresfjord Bridge (1.3 km).

Trondheim Geirangers 8

Midway changed my mind and went toward Geiranger. Another stop at the gas station, fuel (64 €), chicken sandwich with pesto, and water (13 €). There was an interesting octagonal church at Stordal Rosekyrkja painted with rosemaling.

Trondheim Geirangers 9
Trondheim Geirangers 10

With ferry crossed to Eisdal, done all serpentines up and down the hill on way to Geiranger.

Trondheim Geirangers 11
Trondheim Geirangers 12
Trondheim Geirangers 13

There I wanted to take another ferry toward Hellesylt, but it was not operating. I had enough of these fjords, so this meant doing the same way back, lost some time & money doing extra kilometers. Stopped overnight close to Otta village.

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