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Norway - Norveška

Norway – flag

Norway is country in Europe, capital is Oslo




Ski-jump in Oslo

Return from Oslo

Woke at 6 am, half an hour later went to shower and toilet, packed back all things. After breakfast, I checked out. First I drove to Ski jump Holmenkollbakken, stuck in rush hour, it...

Norway flag

Norway 2022

I didn’t visit Norway yet, there were cheap flight tickets, I had extra vacation days and there were few people I would like to visit there. So I quickly bought tickets, got a vacation...

Skien prison


Last tuna for breakfast. Now followed some more narrow roads, tunnels (spiral tunnel at Horda), and snowy hilltops in the Austmannalia region. One more stop at the gas station, 47 €. Tried a few...



Around 5 am I was in Donbas, Norway. Again tuna for breakfast. During the night temperature was a minus. On the way, there was a big road reconstruction. At Lom, the Sognefjellsvegen pass was...


Trondheim Geirangers

For breakfast, I had tuna and then moved.to Trondheim. When I arrived at 5am there was just me, the taxi and seagulls. I made a tour around the old town, Nidaros cathedral, crossing the...

Oslo opera

Ljubljana Zagreb Oslo Lillehammer

On Friday after work, I went home ate, packed and I was back in the city (taxi 8 €). I went to Roza slon to mingle with friends and play Fifa on PS5. At...