Madagascar – to Miandrivazo

An early rise at 7 AM, after packing and bathroom we went for breakfast, 60 000 ARI. We finally met with Lanto. He arranged a money exchange, for 1€ we got 3950 ARI. Also, he organized the driver (Jerry) with a car, paid 900 € and in the end some 80€ more. It was 55€ for driver & 4X4 daily + gas (1l of diesel 3550 ARI, 14l/100km).

Madagascar - to Miandrivazo 1

We started our journey at 8:30. First, we had to leave crowded Tana. We stopped at a gas station for some water at 4 000 ARI. The first stop was Antisarabe after 3 and a half hours. It was a big city with THB brewery. There we had lunch, I tried zebu with some spicy sauce and THB beer. We paid for all three 70 000 ARI. We continued our ride, had few stops on way for photo and toilet. Even a few raindrops were there. The main scenery was laundry washed in the brown river and dried in bushes. Other than that it was corn and rice fields. Our first sleepover was in Miandravazo after another four hours. We stayed at Hôtel Arc En Ciel 50 000 ARI. For dinner, we had pizza and a few beers. In the morning we had some breakfast, all that was 100 000 ARI. Between 21h in 23h electricity was cut out. In our room there was one weak fan and a lot of humidity in the air, so that meant not enough of quality sleep.

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