Havana 4

In the morning we visit some market with artist selling their work. In center all streets were crowded with different street performers

street performance
street performance

Old part was full of turist and girls taking foto, at Malecon there were high waves

Havana 4 1

In the afternoon we returned to our room. While it was last night we said let’s try a place that is the outside center and strictly local. In our neighborhood, we find such a place. So we ordered ron, tucola, hielo. Soon we got company. Juan Carlos? doctor and his friend. They knew Yugoslavia so we had a common topic. Juan went on stage to give a toast to Yugoslavia. The doctor was an interesting company, he was in the USA, he was talking out loud against the government. He said that he was black sheep of family, his father was general. After this place closed we went to the next one. Klemen decided that is enough and went to the casa, he missed the correct one. I stayed longer and in the morning also had some difficulty finding casa.

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